“Hope is the dream of a waking man.” Aristóteles.

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Hello Folks,

Here we are again after a lazy week without writing in the blog, I really do apologise.

Today I am going to describe one of my most interesting professional challenges. Will I be able to produce a wine, or better two, a Ribera del Duero and also a Rioja, and enter into the TOP 100?

What I am sure of is that we will do all the possible for it to be; therefore I am going to describe some of the steps that I have in mind.


1. Selecting the best land plot, about 2000 ha. in Rioja and 100 ha in Ribera del Duero. With the invaluable aid of the G. I. S.

2. Harvest in cases not over 25kg. and harvesting only the grapes that are in perfect conditions, the objective is to transport in less than one hour the grapes to the winery so they cannot evolve losing then aromas.

3. In the winery the grapes are lightly de-stalked and go to fermentation, leaving nature to do the rest, meaning, transforming the sugars into alcohol and freeing the wine’s aromatic compounds, as much the fermentative as the varietals.

4. The best casks will be selected according to origin, type of toast or supplier so they can do the malolatic fermentation and the subsequent  ageing.

5. Finally, we select a cork with two mirrored heads and then to bottling, where we leave all our dreams locked in a bottle.

All the described above doesn’t worry me a lot, what really distresses me is thinking that to reach and obtain a TOP WINE there is more, not at a technical level but at a commercial level, as if you had to pay the journalist with favours to obtain good reviews and points.

However, I do trust in the well doing  of people, also the first thing we have to do is obtain a wine of 100 points and afterwards see if we get those points but what we are sure of is that we have done a good job.

See you later folks.

“The truth may be more than the reason” Sophocles (495 b.c. – 406 b.c.)

Dear readers,

Today I am going to speak about a topic, that everybody is talking now,  the Wine Future meeting is going to be a turning point about the wine critic world or people who write about wine. Viva the Democracy and especially the power of the people. Cursos gratis en Youtube

Several years ago wineries were afraid of wine critics as: Peñin, Isabel Mijares, Robert Parker, Jancis Robinson, Oz Clarke, Tim,…  people that had the power to destroy you or the opposite to make your sales  greater. In a trip in the Toro Region (Zamora, Spain) one guy told me a story, one day an owner of  a winery of Toro received a call of a Danish importer saying that if he still had wine in his winery, he thought that it was a tiny question because there was wine in his winery.

The importer said to him that he buy all the bottles, because he had tasted and liked it very much. Finally they reach an agreement with the price for every bottle, after the importer paid in the same day. A couple of days later the owner of  winery of Toro received a call from a friend to congratulate him, because one of his wines was pointed with ninety something points by Robert Parker. The owner was very happy, but I believe that the Danish importer, who was handling privileged information, was happier than the owner because he had made a good business.

This is only an example of how one critic can have so much power to destroy or to make your sales greater.

These times have changed I believe that now the power is for the people in social networks like faceook, different blogs, twitter, …. We had read about it in some blogs as laotrabotella or Dr. Vino where people write about wines. A clear example of this is Cork’d where the people are speaking about the wines which they had tasted. If the majority of the people says that a wine is quite good, it will be because it is really good and not because probably only one person says it.

I believe that it can be like in the hotels, where now any person who goes away to a hotel looks at the comments to see what the people think about it if they say that it is Ok or not.

Welcome to the democracy!

A post that I consider that already it is like a science fiction is the one post that was published in Dr. Vino, it is about the new application for the mobile Google’s wine goggles.


Welcome to my blog, this site has been created because I am a very eager and I love the wine culture.

I hope that you like it and find it interesting.


Here we are again after a lazy week without writing in the blog, I really do apologise. Hello Folks, Hello Folks, “Hope is the dream of a waking man.” Ar






Opinion blog del dr enlogo riojano pablo orio 1
Opinion blog del dr enlogo riojano pablo orio 1


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